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AZ Kid Clubs is now offering partnership options throughout the East Valley. This is a unique opportunity to become part of the first ever in-home daycare franchise operation. 



The demand for quality childcare in our country is at an all time high. Families need a place they can trust to bring their little ones. Big childcare centers are always full, over priced and don't do a good job of looking after your kids. Most of the time, it is a job for a high school kid who is willing to take the lower pay scale. In-homes are where it's at! We bring lower ratios with a clean and caring environment. Your provider should be somebody that you will end up being friends with for the rest of your life.  It takes a long time to build that sort of trust in a community and AZ Kid Clubs has done exactly that!

It takes a special person to stand behind the AZ Kid Clubs name, call us for more information.


ENROLLMENT • Our referral system will ensure that your interview schedule is at your desired capacity at all times. Currently, we are averaging 3 families inquiring for childcare services per day. The amount of children you decide to care for is up to you as long as it is within ratio. Specific ages and days of the week is  up to you as well. Our availability software system is fully customizable for your schedule. 

INTERVIEWING ASSISTANCE • Interviewing new families is a big deal. Not only is the new family interviewing you... but you are also interviewing them. Its important that good communication exists in order for both sides to make their decisions. AZ Kid Clubs will guide you to success by ensuring your home is up to par and your papers are in order. 

INVOICING SERVICES • Technology has played a large roll in the success of AZ Kid Clubs. We are excited to share what we have created with our new locations. Sign-in / Sign-out sheets are an essential tool used for childcare providers in order to keep track of the hours of care per day.  With AZ Kid Clubs, this determines whether it was a full day or a part day (we will learn more about that later). Our database stores the times and dates of each of our locations families in order to to complete online invoicing at the end of the week. Family's will have the ability to view their invoice through an email and quickly pay online. Once a payment is submitted they will receive a receipt. All childcare payments will be made to AZ Kid Clubs and distributed to each provider weekly.  We do not accept cash payments from our parents. 

MOBILE APP • Everyone is always on their cell phone, so we might as well make this as easy on the parents as possible. A mobile application will be available as a resource for our families. This will include a secure login once approved, access to invoices and documentation, notifications of upcoming events and days off. Additionally, you will have the option  as a provider to quickly upload pictures throughout the day as well as a secure link to a kiddie cam.


TOYS & SUPPLIES • AZ Kid Clubs works with all different type of groups in order to get new and used supplies for your daycare. We are always on the lookout to help providers homes stay up to date on their supplies and toys for the kids. Networking through the east valley communities is a key factor in having everything you need without breaking the bank.


TAXES •  This is a big one and AZ Kid Clubs has you covered. All of the parents will be given the proper forms needed in order to receive their yearly tax credits, and copies of their invoices with the total amount they spent on childcare. As a provider, this can be a scary time of the year if you do not know what you are doing. Understanding your write-offs and having the proper forms will prevent you from realizing your about to go broke at the end of the year. 

ONLINE PROFILE • Each provider will have their own section on the AZ Kid Clubs webpage. Your section will include your required professional headshots, a bio and photos of your in home daycare. We are in the process of adding virtual tours of each home and will keep you up to date on that. has done exceptionally well with web traffic through online advertising and SEO. 

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